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About Course

Anyone who is interested to learn MATLAB from very scratch can join this course.
This course is designed to provide you the core knowledge about MATLAB computing environment. Under this course you will learn basics of MATALB such as data analysis, visualization, modeling, and programming using MATLAB.
After completing this course you will be able to -

Understand the core features of the MATLAB and its UI
Work with MATLAB commands to create variables, to access and manipulate data in variables
Perform mathematical and statistical calculations with vectors
Work with dates and time durations as numeric variables
Work with data stored as a table in MATLAB
Perform typical data analysis including importing data from file, preprocessing data and fitting data
Create flexible code that can interact with the user, make decisions, and adapt to different situations
Learn how to write functions



  • 1.1 Reading data from files
  • 1.2 Saving and loading variables
  • 1.3 Plotting data
  • 1.4 Customizing plots
  • 1.5 Exporting graphics for use in other applications
  • 2.1 Entering commands
  • 2.2 Creating numeric and character variables
  • 2.3 Making and annotating plots
  • 2.4 Getting help
  • 2.5 Creating and running script files
  • 3.1 Performing calculations with vectors
  • 3.2 Accessing and modifying values in vectors
  • 3.3 Creating multiple plots
  • 3.4 Commenting and publishing scripts
  • 4.1 Creating and manipulating matrices
  • 4.2 Performing calculations with matrices
  • 4.3 Calculating statistics with matrix data
  • 4.4 Visualizing matrix data
  • 5.1 Representing dates and durations
  • 5.2 Performing calculations with dates and durations
  • 5.3 Plotting with dates
  • 5.4 Extracting numeric components of dates and durations
  • 6.1 Storing data as a table
  • 6.2 Operating on tables
  • 6.3 Extracting data from tables
  • 6.4 Modifying tables
  • 7.1 Logical operations and variables
  • 7.2 Finding and counting
  • 7.3 Logical indexing
  • 8.1 Importing from spreadsheets and delimited text files
  • 8.2 Dealing with missing data
  • 8.3 Plotting functions
  • 8.4 Customizing plots
  • 9.1 Programming constructs
  • 9.2 User interaction
  • 9.3 Flow control
  • 9.4 Loops
  • 10.1 Creating functions
  • 10.2 Calling functions
  • 10.3 Setting the MATLAB path
  • 10.4 Debugging with the MATLAB Editor
  • 10.5 Using breakpoints
  • 10.6 Creating and using structures

Exam & Certification

Becoming a Certified MATLAB Associate is the first step in the MATLAB® certification track. Earning this credential validates your proficiency with MATLAB and can help you to enhance your credibility and accelerate your career.
Exam Name: MathWorks Certified MATLAB Associate
Number of Questions: 50
Questions Type: Multiple choice questions
Exam Duration: 2 Hours

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