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Paramvir Singh
Professional Experience
Android, Android SDK Tools,
Paramvir have 7 years of experience in Android application development and Android app development training.
Android Application design and development. Developed apps for major global and domestic clients including Airtel, Sydney Airport, American Airlines, HomeShop18, Kitco.
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Subodh Verma
Have switched from Dot Net technology to Android. Got online training from Paramvir. I learned Android and Java programming concepts in this training. Writing this review because I really got a lot of benefit from his sessions. Android is booming technology and I got training at perfect time. Now got switched as mobile team lead in the same organization.
Sarswathy Sudhakar
Attended online training session.The way of giving training was good.The speed of training was a high and too much content was covered in 30 hours of training. So could not keep up with the pace. You should cover less content in more detail. Giving 5 star because the trainer is having good knowledge of Android concepts and energy level was good.
Sarthak gupta
The best Android trainer.
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