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About Course

The below professionals can be the targeted audience for this course:

IT Technicians
Field Service Technicians
System Admins
Network Engineers
Network Consultants
Installation and Service Technicians
Now a day all kinds of businesses are shifting their IT operations to cloud platforms. Due to this there is a huge demand in market for professionals having skills in cloud computing and virtualization. This course will help you to understand the core concept of cloud computing required to maintain cloud technologies and platform.
After completing this course you will be able to -

Understand standard cloud terminologies
To implement, maintain and deliver cloud technologies and infrastructures
Apply security features to cloud implementations and virtualization
Hands on experience in networking, storage or IT data center administration required to join this course. Familiarity with any major hypervisor technologies for server virtualization can be an additional advantage.


CompTIA Cloud+

  • 1.1 Compare and contrast cloud services
  • 1.2 Compare and contrast cloud delivery models and services
  • 1.3 Summarize cloud characteristics and terms
  • 1.4 object storage concepts
  • 2.1 Differences between hypervisor types
  • 2.2 Install, configure and manage virtual machines and devices
  • 2.3 Perform virtual resource migration
  • 2.4 Explain the benefits of virtualization in a cloud environment
  • 2.5 Compare and contrast virtual components used to construct a cloud environment
  • 3.1 Compare and contrast various storage technologies
  • 3.2 Explain storage configuration concepts
  • 3.3 Execute storage provisioning
  • 3.4 Implement appropriate network configurations
  • 3.5 Explain the importance of network optimization
  • 3.6 Troubleshoot basic network connectivity issues
  • 3.7 Explain common network protocols, ports and topologies
  • 3.8 Explain common hardware resources and features used to enable virtual environments
  • 4.1 Appropriately allocate virtual (guest) resources using best practices
  • 4.2 Use appropriate tools for remote access


  • 5.1 Explain network security concepts, tools and best practices
  • 5.2 Explain storage security concepts, methods and best practices
  • 5.3 Compare and contrast different encryption technologies and methods
  • 5.4 Identify access control methods
  • 5.5 Implement guest and host hardening techniques
  • 6.1 Explain policies and procedures as they relate to a cloud environment
  • 6.2 Diagnose, remediate and optimize physical host performance
  • 6.3 Explain common performance concepts as they relate to the host and the guest
  • 6.4 Implement appropriate testing techniques when deploying cloud services
  • 7.1 Compare and contrast disaster recovery methods and concepts
  • 7.2 Deploy solutions to meet availability requirements

Exam & Certification

CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-001) is a globally recognized vender neutral certificate to validate the individual’s knowledge about cloud models, virtualization, infrastructure, security and resource.
Exam name: CompTIA Cloud+
Exam Code: CV0-001
Number of Question: 100
Question Type: Multiple choice questions
Exam timing: 90 Minutes
Passing Score: 84%
Languages: English

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