Engineering Branch Selector

Why Engineering Branch Selector?

The discipline of engineering is exceedingly high. It takes account of a variety of dedicated streams of engineering. At the moment, as the industries are demanding more dedicated personnel, quite a lot of new branches of engineering are on the go.  Few of these branches take account of Aero Space, Medical Electronics, Petroleum, Nuclear, Textile, and Food Technology in addition to the traditional branches like Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, Civil, Computer Science, and Electrical and so forth. It, as a result, has made the selection process even more puzzling for students.

Now that you are determined to become an engineer, the question is that which branch of engineering should you choose?  Well, with so much puzzlement all over you, you tend to look for the solution in all the wrong places. You might discuss with your parents, family, friends or tutors. But in reality, they may themselves not be conscious of the most recent goings-on or the potential scale of employment.

So, to sort you out, the h4ExamMATE Engineering Branch Selector lets you have concise information about all the essential branches of Engineering. It gives you a personalised preferential study of more than a few branches of engineering. We have designed, planned and customised it systematically in an exclusive way for you.  Discover it now to acquire a solution to which Engineering branch you can go for.
The Engineering Branch Selector test takes account of MCQs.


  • You don’t have to worry about the facts, data or your knowledge to work out these questions as this assessment is neither about your educational achievement nor performance scrutiny
  • You’ll be given numerous questions with three choices for each. All you need to do is choose the most appropriate alternative according to your individual preference.
  • The assessment would comprise of general questions that are associated with your day by day preferences. So don’t worry!
  • The evaluation will not gauge you in any of your educational subject matter like Physics, Chemistry, or mathematics. That's why you don’t have to prepare anything before you take the trial.
  • You don’t have to study anything for this test.


Applicable for:

  • Students from 11th-12th-grade aspiring to make careers in the engineering industry
  • Students applying for engineering college entrances

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