What After 10th?

Why Career Assessments?

As a student enters the 9th-grade class, the debate in the regular Indian family gets focussed on subjects, streams, courses as well as careers. Family members, relations and nearly everybody else known to a student become intensely observant of the different and appropriate career choices their child can follow. And in due course, information from all sources is collected, scrutinised, and consulted and the child is showered with data.

Then why not lay out an educational way that best compliments what you are and gets you ready for what you want to be. Our career assessments can help you take control of future achievement at the moment by just deciding to make it your strategy. So, it is a grand time for you to start taking career assessment tests. These assessments would support you identify what careers best match you, your interests and ability.


What Are Career Assessments?

Career assessment is a route of weighing up your interests, abilities, attributes, persona, and principles. By conducting career assessments, you are probable to find out which careers fit your goals and aspirations the best.  A career self-assessment is a significant tool that can help you recognise apt possibilities on a career path. The best thing about career assessments, is, that you won’t get any right or wrong answers. All you get are solutions that harmonise well with you.
Career assessments analytics report.

The career assessments analytics report corresponds to the ability, aptitude and skill of a person.  It is the outcome of the entire process of collecting, coordinating and evaluating large sets of information articulated regarding the interest and ability of the student to discover patterns of career prospects to pursue.


  • The aptitude of a student is his/her natural strength and weakness.  It has a natural penchant for achievement or failure in particular areas based on student’s inborn qualities. An aptitude test does not test a person’s knowledge.
  • Interest is a state of inquisitiveness, curiosity or preference of a person and is associated with passion. It is natural for a person to soak up all kind of facts and figures when they have an interest in learning about that area under discussion. When somebody has an interest in something, it becomes effortless and even pleasurable to learn about that subject.
  • Interest and aptitude together are the dominant and motivational routes that uplift learning, steers educational and career paths, and are indispensable to academic accomplishment. Considering talent without interest would mean that the person would do the job but not eternally. However, considering interest alone implies that the individual may or may not possess the ability to perform the exciting task as it should be.


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