Expert Tips and Tricks to Crack the IBPS PO/SBI PO Exam

Banking exams like IBPS PO and SBI PO are the most popular choice among many youngsters who had recently done their graduation. Surely, you have seen a large crowd on the day of banking exams in front of examination centers. You must have an idea how tough the competition is. As everyone wants to get the government job and cracking the IBPS and PO exams are one of the easiest ways to get a high-profile job. So, if you want to stay on top among your batch mates, we are sharing expert tips and tricks to crack the IBPS Bank PO Exam.

Tips and Tricks to Crack Banking Exam 2019 (IBPS PO/SBI PO)

First of all, examine yourself including information about your current position, your strong subjects, and gap parts. One of the tried and tested formulas to do so is making an attempt to practice test paper or previous years question paper, nowadays available online. It will help you how much concentration you need to put on your preparation. Or it will also determine your further coaching level.  Furthermore, we are sharing some tips that will help you to crack the IBPS bank PO exam:

  • Go through the marking scheme and syllabus for the particular exam for which you are preparing.

  • Check all the division like English passage, grammar, mathematics, general knowledge etc. before starting your preparation.

  • Traverse all the list of topics and make a note of it. Also, take an idea how much weightage of particular division in that exam.

  • Now attempt multiple mock tests that will help you to check your current performance.

  • Briefly examine your each test score so that you can get a clear idea or topic in which you need to work really well.

  • Make a personalized learning plan to improve your weak areas.

  • Last but not least – practice, practice, and practice. Follow this formula and no one can stop you to crack the exam.

Also, look at this image and take care of each instruction:

Bank Exam.jpg

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