Bid Adieu to Exam Phobia

An examination is the most stressful situation by not only students but also the parents and teachers. Everyone become conscious during this time. This is because no one can expect what is going to come and what is not going to come in exams.  During the period of exams, students face curfew. They are not allowed to do other activities which create more anxiety in students. This is common for students to experience abnormal sweating, palpitation due to nervousness, fear, and anxiety. But now, it’s time to say goodbye to exam phobia.

Here are some important tips to get rid of exam phobia:

1.    Time Table: Design a realistic timetable which can be followed by you. Allot sufficient time to each subject so that you can prepare well. Also, allocate some time to you so that you can refresh yourself and perform better.

2.    Regular Practice Test: It is necessary to attempt practice tests regularly. It will give you better clarity of your preparation so that your confidence can be boosted. You can attempt practice test at h4 ExamMATE and get the experience of real exam. When you attempt any test, you will get a real-time analyzed performance report for your performance. In your performance report, your SWOT (Strength, Weakness, and Threats) will be mentioned. It will help you in better understanding of yourself and fix the knowledge gap. Along with this, the time taken by you for solving each question is also mentioned and makes you aware about time management. It is done through using the techniques of Artificial Intelligence. According to your score, College Predictor will analyze your performance and let you know about different colleges. It will help you a lot to frame your further strategies so that you can overcome the fear of exams.

3.    Ask for Help:  Don’t shy to extend your asking help. Whenever you require any help, ask your parents, friends, and teachers to help you out. You can also ask for Personalized Tutor from h4 ExammMATE.  Personalized Tutor is another important feature provided by them so that you can prepare well and be confident about your preparations. These tutors are accessible anywhere and anytime. Also, they will work with you to make you reach your target score.

4.    Sleep Well:  A good sleep is the secret of a relax mind and body. It is important to have a sleep of 8 hours to make your mind and body relax. If you are not taking enough sleep, then you will start feeling tedious and gets irritated easily. It will generate anxiety and hamper your abilities Also, everything start seems to be difficult. Even you can mess up with the easy questions as you are not taking enough sleep. So, having a good sleep is vital.

5.    Have Proper Meal:  During exams, students tend to skip their meal which is a wrong practice. Having a balanced meal on time will enrich your brain with vital nutrients to focus well. So, students never skip the meal.

Besides this, it is crucial to understand by students as well as parents that your worth cannot be determined by these exams. So do not over pressurized and compare yourself with others. And, say goodbye to exam phobia. For any further information and inquiry, you can write to us


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