Personalized Learning - A Key to Score and Fill Your Knowledge Gaps

Personalized learning refers to creating an individual learning zone for each candidate which can be optimized according to their specific requirements.  No two candidates can be same and even their learning method and learning speed cannot be same. Everyone can learn or understand the things as per his/her comfort and interest. So, a good tutor always follows an entirely different approach according to a student personalized requirements. All learning activities, instructional approaches, and educational content are designed in a way that is meaningful, relevant and initiate the self-interest of a learner.

Some Key approach to be followed for a happy personalized learning experience:

  • Adaptive Learning: Adaptive learning is a combined online approach to human and digital resources. The technology encompasses aspects derived from various fields of study including computer science, AI, psychometrics, education, psychology, and brain science. Based on the unique needs of a student, learning platform is designed.

  • Personalized Learning: Personalized learning is a user-specific learning program that is designed based on individual’s learning requirements, considering the strength and weakness analysis of students.

  • Differentiated Learning: Differentiated learning means tailoring the learning approach based on individual’s requirements in terms of content, process, environment, or even learning methods.

  • Competency- based Learning: Competency based learning refers to prepare a system that can find the competency of a student based on instructions delivered, assessment, grading, and academic reporting and check that they have grasped the knowledge and skills that they are expected to learn as they progress through their education.

Why Personalized Learning?

As already discussed, every student is different including their learning behaviours. Just like a student selects the school and colleges very carefully, you should also focus on finding the best way to learn that can meet their academic goals. That’s’ why every student needs to follow an approach to personalized learning based on custom course curriculum, learning pattern, strengths, and weakness.

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