Ace your Learning Styles to Crack Competitive Exams

Each and every student has a different learning style. Some students follow the mix of learning styles. But it is an important aspect to understand by teachers as well as parents for their pupil’s growth. When these learning styles are taken into account by teachers and parents, it helps the students to develop their potential at maximum. Besides this, it is not, particularly that a single student will use only single learning style. The usage of learning styles is dominated by the different situations.

Being aware of your learning style is an important aspect for each candidate as it serves a vital role in your preparation of exam.  You will also be mindful that your learning style is unique as you are. If you understand your learning styles carefully, it will assist you to boost your confidence and improves your further strategies.

h4 ExamMate has jotted down the five important learning styles. These learning styles are:

•    Spatial Learning (Visual Learning):  In this kind of learning, students are required to see images, pictures, movie or something else which can boost their retaining power.  This kind of learners excels at deciphering visual data in the form of graphs and maps. Also, these learners perform well in question-related to geometry in h4 ExamMate Practice Test and boost their confidence for the final exam. This is recognized by artificial intelligence (AI) and with recommendations, you can work on your visual learning.


   Aural Learning (Sound- Musical Learning): This kind of learners prefer to hear something so that it can retain in their minds easily. This group can improve their learning style by paying attention in class, repeating facts and figures loudly, recording lectures materials, asking questions, etc. This learning style helps the student to remember the things during the practice of mock test as the concepts related to questions will start revolving in your mind.


•     Verbal Learning (Linguistic Learning):  This category of student learners is different from previous categories. These learners prefer to learn through the use of language. They excel in reading and writing and thus perform outstandingly in h4 ExamMate Practice Test.  This is because their key to success is reading comprehension as they can easily read between the lines.


•    Kinesthetic Learners (Physical Learners): If you fall into this classification, then your learning style needs to touch and experience something. These learners interact with the material. This tells that you have faced greater challenges in the academic environment. It helps in building models, visiting museums, etc.  


•    Logical Learning: If you belong to this category, then your supreme skills is mathematical and reasoning. They are able to perform complex calculations in their heads easily and can save time while doing mock test and taking an exam on the final day. They are players of logical learning as they always like to use their mind on different kinds of logical questions.

Prepare hard, attempt h4 ExamMate Practice Test and recognize your learning styles so that you can ace in your exams. If you are once aware of it, no one can stop you to score well and to crack the exam. For more information on different learning styles for competitive examinations, write to us @ Also, stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn page for more career tips.

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