JEE Exam Preparation Guide: How to Increase Speed & Accuracy

Who would not want to be an IITian? 'IIT JEE is an aspiration of lakhs of candidates but its qualification is in the fate of only a few ones', this quote is especially true for all the students who attempt JEE exams, which is categorized in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. JEE Exams are considered as one of the You might be surprised to know that approx. 15 lakhs students attempted JEE mains paper every year and only 10% students can qualify the exam for next level i.e. JEE Advanced. It means only 1.5 lakhs students reach the level of JEE advanced and this difference gets bigger if we see the final students who have qualified both the exams. Only 10,000 students are selected

So, what are the main criteria for cracking or breaking the JEE exams? The key lies in how accurately & quickly you solve the questions. The student who gets masters in speed and accuracy can be a winner. When you take a paper, you are supposed to solve the problem within every two minutes and make sure that every question you attempt is correct and that you do not exceed the time limit. Basically, you should be competent in time management, quality, and concepts for clearing the JEE exams.

Why Speed and Accuracy is The Key?

Speed and accuracy both go hand-in-hand. If you are confident about your speed but lack of accuracy or vice versa, it becomes difficult to crack the exam. In JEE Mains, you don’t have so much to nail down every question. You have to attempt maximum quest with accuracy. For an instance – if you attempt 80 questions out of 90 and only 50 or 55 are correct then you will lose the battle as accuracy is missing. Similarly, if you attempt only 40 questions and whether they are all right, you cannot qualify as speed is missing. To qualify the exam you must have attempt 70 to 80 questions with minimum 90% accuracy.


Strengthen your concepts, so that you have to invest the minimum amount of time required to read all the options and to mark the right bubble to solve the problem. That’s why you should choose right kind of learning platform to make your preparation. One that can find your learning gaps, work on your time management, recognize your strong and week points, in-short can make you confident to crack the JEE exams. For this, we would highly recommend our new analytics and AI tool that will help you to score higher. With h4 ExamMATE Analytics & AI Tool, Learner and Trainer can develop Personalized Learning Plan to adopt a powerful and useful learning approach based on individual’s requirements.

How to Improve Your Speed And Accuracy with h4 ExamMATE?

With h4 ExamMATE mock test and practice guide, you can understand what mistakes you are making. You will get a detailed report on every question. To give a practice exam with us:

  • First, you have to register yourself with your current email address.

  • From drop down of Exam Practice, you have to choose the right option for which you are preparing.

  • You will get the option of a list of papers based on the subject you chose.

  • Now you can start attempting the questions.

  • With every question, you will be notified with its accuracy, how much time you are taking to attempt that particular question, how much time others are taking to attempt that question, your rank and other required detail that will help you learn time management or to improve your speed.

  • With different practice tests based on subject, you can recognize in which area you need more hard work and which are your strong areas. Based on this analysis, you will be notified of personalized learning plan and a personal online tutor that will work with you to fill your knowledge gap. Thus, you can improve your accuracy.

So why wait? Visit h4 ExamMATE, register with your email address and get access to our Performance Analysis.

Report Monitoring

If you want to measure your current performance and know your rank in your city wise and country wise, first of all select the test for which you are doing practice. Then register and take an attempt. You will get exact replicate of JEE mains which are prepared by top experts of industry. After completing or submitting the test, you get a detailed analysis report 

h4 ExamMATE analytics tool explain clearly the overall analysis of your report with how many questions were right, wrong or skipped. What is your accuracy, what is your time analysis to complete that question including section-wise or chapter-wise analysis.

As you can see, there are three tabs in the report:

1. Overall Analysis: It will explain your accuracy, you current rank in your city, country rank and other details so that you can corrective action to improve your accuracy.

2. Score & Time Analysis: This section will explain how you have utilized your time based on units, time analysis for each question and time analysis for complete test.

3. Section-wise and chapter-wise analysis: You can see detailed list of questions and link is given to see their answers so that you can improve.

So, are you ready to diagnose your learning, fill out your learning gap and score higher? If yes, register with us now and make an attempt to check your speed and accuracy.

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