How to Prepare for JEE Mains: Get Your Step-by-Step Plan

Passionate to be counted in highly profiled engineers list? Well, if want to give a head start to your engineering career, start with making an attempt to JEE mains, one of the most prestigious exam and a cornerstone to become an engineer. Several top institutes like IITs, NIITs, IIITs, and CFITs consider the results of JEE Mains. Almost 15 lakhs candidates attempt the exam and every student wants to crack it, but it is not so easy. You should do an extra preparation apart from your regular studies to crack the exam along with getting the hold on speed and accuracy.

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In this article, we will discuss step by step guide to know how to prepare for JEE Mains. So let’s start:

Step 1: Believe in Yourself

Yes, believing in yourself would be the first and most necessary step to climb the ladder of success. Don’t think it is tough or it if is only for super smart people. Anyone can do it just keep your belief with you and do preparation with your full heart.

Step 2: Purchase Best Authored Book

Initially, each student refers some kind of book for self-study. Each author has his own style to explain. For a starting point, books are the best companion of students.  Start with getting the best-authored book to make your dreams come true. However, only books are not enough for preparation. You should also consider other options as well based on exam competence level.

Step 3: Plan Your Day

For the best utilization of your day and identify your most productive hours, take a pen and paper. Write down your all activities that you followed from when you get up in the morning till going to the bed in the night. Then make your plan. Include only those activities that are necessary and give maximum to your reading. Make sure you include proper breaks and refreshing activities to make your mind fresh and energetic all the time when you start reading.

Step 4: Make a Habit to Note down Important Instructions

While reading, make a habit to note down important instructions for a quick recap. There are two reasons for it. One thing that you will learn it for longer and another reason could be you can revise it anytime.

Step 5: Revise Regularly

Instead of switching to newer topics daily, start with revision. Solve as many problems as you can. It will strengthen your concepts and will help to improve your speed and accuracy.

Step 6: Attempt Multiple Mock Tests

As we already discussed, reading books are not just enough. You have to practice through multiple sources. Making an attempt of practice mock tests is always a good practice. You can find endless practice test on the internet. h4 ExamMATE which is a leading online platform and learning tool for competition exams also offers you Practice Test. You will get a detailed analytics and AI report based on your test result so that you can take an early action.

Step 7: Learn Time Management

To crack JEE Mains, time management is an important key. So you should highly focus on time along with each subject or question type. Give proper importance to all the three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The best practice to manage your time is following the daily timetable regularly and consistently. As a best practice, you can do to solve to note-down the time while solving each question.

Step 8: Work on Accuracy

When you are first attempting a question, check how accurate it is. Are you making it accurate in on-the-first go or you need multiple attempts to make it accurate? Solve similar type of question till you are unable to correct the question in first-go.

Step 9: Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Make an attempt of previous years question papers. Consider at least last 10 years question papers. It will give you an idea how questions were asked previously. Also, that will help you to manage your time and speed.

Step 10: Adopt an Approach to Personalized Learning

Last but not least focus on personalized learning instead of group learning. Always remember no two students are same and came from the same background. They have different skills, different grasping power, different strengths, and weakness. A personalized tutor will analyze your strong and weak subject, make your learning plan based on your requirement, will work with you to improve your speed and accuracy and the most important do everything for you to crack the exam.

You can get your personalized tutor with h4 ExamMATE by attempting a Practice Test on our online platform. It will help us to analyze what is your current performance, which areas need more attention and where is the knowledge gap? So, what are you waiting for?  Apply with us now.


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