Run for the Olympiad!

OLYMPIAD! Well, Olympiad exams are school level exams which are conducted for the students from class 1-12. These exams are conducted at all India level or state level which motivates students to take the exam and assess their performance among others. There is a myth for most of the parents who think that this is a burden and their children will get distracted from their studies, well the truth is it provides better and deeper understanding of analytical and problem-solving skills and bring out the best in a child.

Olympiad exams include:

NSTSE- National Science Talent Search Examination

UCO- Unified Cyber Olympiad

NCO – National Cyber Olympiad

IMO – International Mathematics Olympiad

IEO – International English Olympiad.

Kids, reading this blog, don’t you have to worry about anything because we will guide you on how to prepare for these exams.

Assemble right study material – The first step is to go through your syllabus because the questions are mainly asked from the school syllabus only. Gather the right kind of books which have the relevant content and go through the online sites which provide good content about the topics.

Download the relevant apps – You can use your mobile phones not only to play games but also to download the relevant apps to study. There are many apps available out there, you just need to explore them. All you need to do is go through the apps, run free chapters and take the practice test. One of the apps is SOF Olympiad Trainer.

Understand the Conception – Grasp the basic as well as detailed understanding of the concepts and ideas as it will help you to memorize what you’ve learned so far and will also help you to apply these concepts to do the tricky questions.

• Download free sample papers – Solving sample papers is the best thing to practice for the exam. You can find the free sample papers for each of the subjects on the websites, you just have to explore a little bit.

• Read Newspapers – While preparing for the Olympiads, it is very important to read newspapers and General Knowledge books to prepare for the exams. You should be aware of the current affairs to keep yourself updated on what is happening across the globe.

• Improve your Vocabulary – Reading newspapers is also good to learn new English words. Adding new words by reading articles and books will help you to improve your Vocab.

• Prepare notes for Revision – Highlighting main points on the books and writing down the facts on sticky notes is a good way to revise. Make the points and go through them to clear your doubts and to have a good revision.

• Practice – “The More the Merrier”. The more you will practice the more confident you will feel. Cover each topic while practicing and solve the sample papers available on the website. It will help you to analyze your results.

This was the complete guide on how to prepare for Olympiads. If you have any queries you can visit our website h4 ExamMATE and write us to We will provide you the mock tests to practice for the exam and will help you to assess your skill gaps and performance so that you can take action on them.

You can experience the real exam with the help of our Practice tests and enhance your test-taking skills. We will provide you the recommendations about your gap with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools so that you can improve your score and develop your own personalized learning plan.

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