All You Need to Know about GMAT Exam


GMAT or Graduate Management Aptitude Test is a computer adaptive test for students who want to take admissions in various management institutions across the world. GMAT is conducted by GMAC or Graduate Management Admission Council which is a non-profit organisation comprised of leading graduate business schools around the world. The most important thing to know about this exam is that it's not easy to crack but GMAC gives aspirants the chance to take the exam up to 5 times in a year with a gap of 16 days from the previous exam.


GMAT 2018 exam pattern has 4 sections namely, Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Integrated Reasoning (IR), Quantitative and Verbal Ability. The total time allotted to candidates is three hours and thirty minutes to complete these 4 sections.

GMAT Test Section

Number of questions

Types of questions


Analytical Writing Assessment

One Topic

Analysis of Argument

30 minutes

Integrated Reasoning

12 questions

Multi-source Reasoning


Graphics Interpretation


Two- Two-Part Analysis


Table Analysis


30 minutes

Quantitative Ability

37 questions

Data Sufficiency


Problem Solving

75 minutes

Verbal Ability

41 questions

Reading Comprehension


Critical Reasoning


Sentence Correction


75 minutes

Total Exam Time


210 minutes


GMAC, conducting body of GMAT does not specify any eligibility criteria for GMAT 2018. However, candidates who aspire to take the GMAT exam should obtain an undergraduate degree by a recognised university to cross further rounds of the selection process set up by the respective business schools they wish to apply to.

Also, there is no specific age limit but 18 years is considered to be the ideal age to appear for the GMAT exam.


To register for the GMAT exam, the candidate should create an account on the official website of GMAC i.e., - After creating the account, candidates can schedule their exam date which can be any date according to their convenience. With the created account of GMAT, candidates can avail the following:

  • Schedule the exam

  • Reschedule the exam

  • Find a test centre

  • Cancel the exam

  • Retake the exam

The application fee for the GMAT exam is $250 and if the applicants want to reschedule the exam or change the test canter they will be charged $50 extra.


There is no specific date for appearing in the GMAT exam, prospective aspirants can choose any date according to their convenience. A candidate cannot take more than 8 re-tests in a lifetime.

Points to Remember

  • The time gap between two GMAT exams – 16 days

  • Number of GMAT attempts allowed in one year – 5 attempts

  • Number of GMAT attempts allowed in a lifetime – 8 attempts


  • Understand the Computerized Adaptive Format

It is important to understand the GMAT computerized adaptive format, as you begin the exam, the CAT assumes you have an average score and serves the question of medium difficulty. If you answer correctly, the next question will be of difficulty level and if you answer incorrectly, it serves you the easy questions. Therefore, try not to guess the answers because each answer directly affects the next question.

  • Create a study plan

In order to achieve anything, planning is the first and foremost thing to be done. Create a study plan and list down the things you need to study, which is the best time you can give yourself to prepare for the exam. Introspect yourself whether you need any coaching or you can self-study. Allot the particular time duration to each section for solving the questions.

  • Get the study material

The GMAT official guide is one of the best books to prepare for the exam. Also, there are many apps and software available online which makes easy to learn and understand the basic concepts of the GMAT exam.

  • Take Practice Exams

 Practice tests are available online which you should give on a regular basis in order to assess your performance. Practice exams are the best ways to know your strengths and weaknesses, how well did you do and whether you need more time to improve your weaknesses! You can visit  on our website  to take up the practice tests.


You can find the mock tests on our website and know about your learning gaps by taking up the practice tests so that you can take action on them.  We will provide your real-time analytics tool based on how you attempted the question so that you can compare your result and know your standing.

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