Want to Ensure Selection in IIMs? Avoid these 5 Mistakes during Preparation for CAT Exam

 CAT (COMMON ADMISSION TEST) is one of the most prominent entrance tests for MBA Aspirant. It requires a lot of hard work and Practice Test to crack the CAT so that aspirants can seek admission in IIMs and other B-Schools. After understanding the level of difficulty, an aspirant can’t afford to attempt even a single mistake otherwise it will create a hurdle to achieve your goals.

     As CAT is much more an elimination test than a selection test. So, it is important to avoid these 5 mistakes while preparing for CAT.

  1. Irregular Time Table: Most of the CAT aspirants won’t understand the importance of timetable. They study irregularly or whenever they want which creates a panic situation on last days of the exam. That’s why it is advisable to study regularly and follow the timetable strictly so that all the hard work done does not go in vain.

  2. Skipping Practice Tests: The key to crack the CAT is to attempt more and more Practice Tests. If an aspirant is skipping tests, then he is digging his own grave as these tests help in developing accuracy and speed which is essential to crack the CAT. Also, aspirants learn about time management and boost the confidence for the final day. One can attempt Practice Test especially designed for CAT by h4 ExamMATE and can analyze the performance with Artificial Intelligence Techniques to recognize your SWOT.

  3. Mugging up Formulas: Aspirants should understand that mugging up formulas is just basic. It is not going to work as the questions will be conceptual and having clarity about the topic is necessary. Otherwise, it is difficult to attempt the question or will fall attempting the question incorrectly. Therefore, there is no shortcut to hard work and practice more.

  4. More Attempts means More Marks: It’s a myth. Attempting more questions does not ensure more marks as CAT conducts negative marking for each wrong answer to questions. The only way to gain more marks is attempting more questions with accuracy. For this, practice regularly as practice makes man perfect. And it is important to understand that blind and wild guessing is a big no.

  5. Wasting Time on One Question: If the aspirant is stuck on a question and wasting time on it to solve, then it’s an incorrect method to take the exam. In this way, it is not possible to read all the questions of the exam and won’t able to attempt the easy questions. So, leave that question for that moment and move to next question firstly and come back to it after reading all the questions.

     Prepare hard, attempt Practice Tests and avoid the mentioned mistakes and no one can stop you to score well and to get selected in B-Schools. For more information on CAT and other competitive examinations, write to us @ info@hub4tech.com.

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