CAT Prep Strategy – How to Start CAT Preparation from Scratch

Do you know what the right time to begin your CAT preparation is? Well, it’s NOW! A number of aspirants just keep waiting for the right time. And really, there is no such thing as the perfect time for beginning your Preparation for CAT. While some candidates take the safer road and begin their preparations – right when the notification is pronounced, there is one more group that is in a dilemma on how to begin their CAT preparation.

Dredge up the elementary fact; you can get to a basic preparation level as well as a good score pretty fast. Nevertheless, attaining an amazing score needs a lot of effort. In this article, I would talk about some of the critical things that you must do to start your CAT preparation.

1. Take coaching study material or make use of the internet
Those who choose coaching get the appropriate section-wise study material. However, even if you do not go for such courses and cannot access such training material, there is no shortage of appropriate study materials online. There are plentiful sample papers, question banks, as well as study materials by knowledgeable writers accessible online. Thanks to the technology, you can connect with the specialists and fellow CAT takers in more than a few social media platforms and give-and-take sample papers and study materials. Get the suitable materials and learn in a methodical and hard-working way. Likewise, make the most of the practice papers so that you are conscious of your strong points and weaknesses.

2. Understand the exam pattern and course outline
The principal step to crack the CAT examination is to understand the exam pattern and course outline. Before preparing, you need to identify the topics or subjects you have to prepare. After all, before the gunfire, you need to know what you are targeting. It is essential for you to cover the entire syllabus and clear the fundamentals. Generally, the syllabuses for all four subjects cover the NCERT books, but then again the questions are a bit complicated and need analytical thinking and common-sense. The paramount way to understand and finish the syllabus is to create a plan and work in view of that.

3. Time Management
Together with judging the applicants’ sectional knowledge, CAT checks the time management skills of a candidate as well. The principle to finish the paper within time is governed by how an aspirant prepares and practices for the examination. It is imperative to have a planned preparation plan to tackle the exam. Try to attempt every single section in three circles. In the first circle choose the problems that you are sure about and can crack without wasting your time. In circle two, select problems that are a chance for you, while in circle three, choose questions that you think you can crack but are time wasting and make sure you answer every single non-MCQ as it doesn’t hold any negative marking.

4. Don’t compromise with accurateness
Time management is one of most essential part of the CAT examination with the ordering of questions becoming one of the crucial parts of success. As you go on attempting tough questions all through the test, make certain that you compromise very little on the accurateness of solutions. Even though speed is essential to growing your number of attempts, maintaining a greater level of accuracy is imperative to convert your attempts into a remarkable score. Moreover, attaining a greater speed without a high accuracy leads to negative marking as well. Nail down that CAT has negative marking with three marks granted for every single correct answer in addition to one mark reduced for every single incorrect answer.

5. Take practice tests in an online environment
You must take the online practice tests so that you are at ease with the genuine exam environment. Taking these practice tests in a real environment would make you absolutely ready for the exam and save any wastage of time on being accustomed to the mode of test. You can furthermore join test series and solve previous year sample papers to have a real feeling of the examination. Putting yourself in the genuine test environment will benefit you on your D-day on the test centre. So attempt at best two to three mock tests per week and evaluate them carefully. Consistent mock tests will get you ready for the CAT – for sure.

Sooner or later, you need to have at least four months in hand, if you are serious about cracking the CAT exam with more than two lakh test takers. By the same token, the last minute preparation is quite critical as it can streak your final performance on the D-day.

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