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  • Basic Analysis   Score and Time Analysis   Chapterwise and Sectionwise Analysis


We are in an era where institutions need to emphasise the holistic development of learners. The education sector has advanced over a period and is now on the rise with a range of innovative start-ups as they see massive potential in this industry. It’s time when schools and universities must work with two pre-set objectives in mind – to adapt learning experiences for every person based on their aptitude as well as skill and to personalise the overall learning experience. But to attain this goal, academies and institution of higher education need to have more information that can predict a learner’s capability in a particular assignment. That’s when powerful data analytics and big data come into play. 

We, at h4 ExamMATE, are devoted to ardently championing and supporting the analytics ecosystem. Our Test Analysis provides an in-depth evaluation of an insight into the way a learner cracks the test. Analytics work only when they are insightful, observant and actionable. We bring just that to the table and let you know in easy terms where you have to focus.

For the most part, the Advanced Test Analysis has three sections:

  • 1. Overall Analysis
  • 2. Score and Time Analysis
  • 3. Chapter wise and Section wise Analysis

Our mission is to make your learning mirror your preparation by means of personalised education. Our approach to offering training using AI and Analytics helps you begin from the level you are at and then takes you forward.

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