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h4 ExamMATE aims to Disrupt Traditional way of Exam Practice Tests, Exam Builder and Career Assessment using Real-Time Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

h4 ExamMATE helps students to score higher, tutors & parents to conduct online exams and educational institutes to digitize their process.

Our Education Transformation Products are:

1- Exam Practice Tests

2- Online Exam Builder Tool

3- Career Assessment Tests

Our Exam Practice Tests Tool helps students to score higher in Exams : IIT, NEET, CAT, Government Exams, 6th-12th Class. Students can appear in free mock practice tests, analyze their score with the help of our advance analytics tool and get the personalized recommendation also to improve their score with the help of our machine learning tool.

Our Online Exam Builder Tool helps tutor and parents to prepare test paper online and they can assign test paper to their students for conducting online exams.

Our Career Assessment Tests Tool helps students to find out which career fits their goals on the basis of critically assessment of their interest and aptitude.

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