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Personalised Exam Preparation and Exam Builder Tool using Assessment, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Students to Score Higher in Exams | Teachers & Parents to Create Tests | Educational Institutes to Digitise their Process

h4 ExamMATE aims to disrupt traditional exam preparation industry.
Every Learner is unique. No two Learners come from the same background or learn the same way then why should all learners prepare for exam in same way?

With h4 ExamMATE Online Assessment, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Tool, Learner can find out skill gaps and can develop personalised exam preparation plan. h4 ExamMATE helps student to improve their score minimum by 40% as your 60% score depends on your knowledge.

h4exammate.com helps students to score higher in their Exams Like : IIT, NEET, CAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, Govt Exams, Technical Exams, 6th-12th CBSE, 6th-12th ICSE, 6th-12th Olympiads etc.
Students can appear in free mock practice tests, analyse their score with the help of advance analytics and get the personalised recommendation with the help of machine learning to improve their score.

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